International Affairs Encourages Creativity

SUU’s International Affairs hosted an Art Festival Thursday, Jan. 23 from 11-1 p.m. The event welcomed students to stop by between classes and relax in a colorful and fun place. 

Located in the living room in the Student Center, the event was convenient and easy-going. Students could stay for the whole two hours or just check out one of the several booths if they only had five minutes to spare. 

Music played loud, and a rainbow arch made out of balloons and other fun decorations set the mood for a fun and vibrant atmosphere. 

Oceane Pommelet, an exchange student from France, greeted students and staff at the entrance. Pommelet is studying psychology and just recently came to SUU this fall semester. 

“This event is to show off students’ work and promote art. It’s a place to gather people and make connections,” Pommelet said, excited about the event.

The event offered a variety of activities. Tables were set up with watercolors for students to paint with friends, and art work was pinned to curtains to show off the work that SUU students are doing here. 

The International Affairs office set up a booth themselves with informational flyers available, and many of the International Student Ambassadors milled around the Living Room.

2nd Studio was also in attendance, with homemade buttons laid out on the table for students to take. By taking three buttons (one with each word) and putting them together, it formed a “Shakespearean Insult,” as Will Cowser explained, laughing. 

Photography student Aaron Linkogle stood next to the SUU Photography Club booth. The SUU senior had three of his photographs on display and was there to answer questions about both Photography Club and his own personal work. 

The International Affairs mission statement states that they support the “exchange of values, cultures, and ideas in an effort to advance a more just, empathic, and prosperous world.” This event definitely did that, with many of SUU’s creative clubs coming together to offer ideas and opportunities to other SUU students as well. 

For more information on International Affairs and what they do, click here. 


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photos by: Elizabeth Armstrong