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Get Involved On Campus Soon

College is not easy. General Education requirement can seem pointless, crying because you miss your family and dog happens often and eventually, Ramen Noodles begin to taste like cardboard. However, despite all the many reasons a student could drop out of college, the likelihood of a student dropping out because they do not feel as though… Read More Get Involved On Campus Soon

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Is Radio Dead?

Radio has been one of the top forms of entertainment since the 1900s. At one point in time, there was a radio in every household. They were the height of entertainment before the television became popular. Now it is being replaced by other forms of music media like Spotify. Could this be the end of… Read More Is Radio Dead?


A Small Piece of a Larger Puzzle

The symbol of the nationwide movement to spread awareness for those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the puzzle piece. This image is meant to reflect the mystery and complexity involved in dealing with ASD. Every puzzle piece will be different, so it accurately represents the diversity of every individual diagnosed. However, it seems… Read More A Small Piece of a Larger Puzzle