From rom-coms to ghosting horror stories, this series explores each aspect of every college students’ favorite (or least favorite) activity: dating.

The host Liz Armstrong discusses the sweet and the sour of college dating life in a comedic and relatable way.

Season 5:

Season 4:



Episode 31 – I Ain’t Your Girlfriend

Episode 30 – Through These Tears

Episode 29 – Access Denied

Episode 28- Movie Moments

Episode 27- Galentines Day is for the Ladies

Episode 26- New Year New Co-host

Episode 25- Wedding Bells

Episode 24- I Got Issues

Episode 23- Breaking up with Brad

Episode 22- Slim Pickins*

Episode 21- Meeting the Parentals

Episode 20- You Are Nobody’s Back Pocket

Episode 19- Dating Pet Peeves

Episode 18- Nightmare Worthy Dates

Episode 17- Let me take you out

Episode 16- Cuffing Season

Episode 15- TTYL

Episode 14- SUU in Paradise

Episode 13- Summer Flings

Episode 12- The Break up

Episode 11- Long Term Relationships

Episode 10- Crazy Exes

Episode 9- Small World

Episode 8- Long Distance

Episode 7- Defining the Relationship

Episode 6- Friendzone or Endzone

Episode 5 – Cupid’s Curse

Episode 4 – Red Flags

Episode 3 – Dating Apps

Episode 2 – Playing Games

Episode 1 – The First Date

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