Cedar City Reviews: Top Spot Returns

Cedar City residents new and old are in for a treat with the return of Top Spot. The recently reopened half-burger joint, half-gas station seems well received already with customers streaming in and out. So, is it actually any good?

In short… Yes, very much so.

The main menu item for Top Spot are the burgers, so I ordered a pickled jalapeño bacon cheeseburger. It was juicy with crispy bacon, melted cheese, fresh lettuce, ketchup and a generous pile of pickled jalapeños, all on a soft bun. 

No one flavor was overpowering, but it contained each flavor profile: salty, sweet, savory and spicy. There was also a great mix of textures with everything tasting fresh. It all meshed well together, resulting in a great burger.

To pair with the burger, I got an order of fries and a chocolate shake. The fries were fresh and crispy with a sprinkling of salt. They tasted good on their own, but were even better dipped in some fry sauce. The shake was thick, chocolatey and delicious.

All in all, the meal cost just under $14 and I left the restaurant feeling satisfied and full.

The restaurant itself is newly remodeled for its grand re-opening and it has a very simplistic new look: black and white floors, brick walls and light-wood tables, all of which were very clean despite having many customers coming and going. Along with this, they have a cow statue and a neon-cow on the wall.

The cow is a callback to the original restaurant that operated for forty years. They’ve brought back the original statue as their mascot along with a new neon sign to signify the new ownership.

The restaurant had a welcoming atmosphere due to the attentive and welcoming staff. Music was playing, but the overall sound throughout the building was the sizzling grill as well as customers chatting and enjoying themselves. 

Top Spot is a little pricier than grabbing chain fast food, but it shows in the quality of food and overall experience. I, for one, will stop by again.

Located across from Smith’s at 650 S Main St., Top Spot  is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, closed Sundays. 

Story by: Alex Schilling
Photos courtesy of: Top Spot and Alex Schilling