Why I Choose SUU: Cairo Cook

I grew up in Cedar City, my dad worked on campus and I practiced swimming here for years. But all that paled in comparison to the relationships I knew I could make at SUU.

When I moved to Cedar City at 9 years old, I joined a club swim team that practiced at the SUU pool for three hours a day. During this time, I was able to interact with students and faculty.

I loved seeing students connect with each other and with me. They gave me a feeling of acceptance when I was on campus that made SUU feel like home. I saw how happy students looked when they walked by the pool and how my coaches interacted with them. It all made the campus feel very tight-knit. 

The people working here make such a huge difference. I still feel as if I can talk to anyone working at SUU, and they want to hear what I have to say. They want to help me. They want to have a personal relationship with me.

SUU feels so determined and excited. Everyone I’ve met looks like they have their dream job. The dedication that people at SUU put into their work is something that helps me stay here and motivated.

In high school I did the concurrent enrollment program here at SUU, called Success Academy, allowing me to get my Associates degree when I graduated high school

From there, I was automatically accepted into SUU. When it came time to choose where I wanted to get my degree, I figured, “Why mess up a good thing? I already feel like I’m part of the culture here.”

I saw how professors acted on campus toward their students. It wasn’t just academic–it was a personal relationship only real friends could have. I knew I could have and wanted that kind of connection with my professors as well.

School has never been my thing, which made the professors a top priority. Knowing I’d have professors to talk to about anything was so comforting. I know someone will always be there for me.

Choosing SUU was one of the easiest choices I’ve ever made. 


Story and Photos by: Cairo Cook