Life Outside T-Bird Nation

Life Outside T-Bird Nation Edition 1 – Volume 1 “In my five years at Southern Utah University, I’ve learned a multitude of strong lessons. One, being that an institution like ours does not succeed without people pushing it to. Our college is filled with varying students and faculty who give an enormous amount of effort… Read More Life Outside T-Bird Nation


Next Week Yesterday: Nuclear Scare

Next Week Yesterday featuring Dewey Leavitt is an informative humorous recurring segment on pertinent info to students of SUU. Produced by Grace Schulz. Source footage:……… To contact Campus Life editor Dewey Leavitt, e-mail


New Year, New Shows

What’s coming and going on Netflix this January.  As 2018 rings in another year of failed New Year’s gym resolutions, it’s time to binge Netflix! Netflix brings a mix of classics, originals and surprisingly, some horror films to January. That being said, some old-time favorites like Grease and Free Willy are gone for good. Other… Read More New Year, New Shows


Important Dates to Remember for the Semester

Carpe diem, but carpe some diems more than others. These are the most important dates to remember through February, so you don’t forget to withdraw from classes or end up going to a class that isn’t happening.     Story by Jenna Chapman 


One Man’s Trash

When looking for cheaply priced yet valuable and useful items, sometimes the best place to start is in your neighbor’s front yard. Interchangeably called garage sales, rummage sales or yard sales, the common thread of these sales is someone setting a bunch of stuff they had inside their home out in front of their home… Read More One Man’s Trash