Thank A Giver Day 2019

The annual Thank a Giver Day was held on Wednesday, Nov. 6  giving students the opportunity to show their appreciation to Southern Utah University generous donors. The donors include both SUU Alumni and community members

The event is run by the SUU Alumni House with the help of current SUU students and volunteer community members. Students are encouraged to write a thank you note that will be sent out to donors. Then students can be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $500 scholarship.

Matthew Bayreder, a junior mechanical engineering major, volunteered to run a booth to show his gratitude to SUU givers.

 “These Donors make it possible for us to enhance our education and provide us with buildings and scholarships,” Bayreder said. “Chances are anything that you enjoy here, you are benefiting from a donor.” 

At SUU, students pay for 35% of the cost of an SUU education, donors cover the rest. 

Those who donate to SUU also help with advancements in new programs and events for the students and community members.

Kylie Gardiner, a senior communications major, shares “I think it’s important to thank a giver because they give so much to our school, and we wouldn’t be able to do nearly anything that we do without them.”

Thank a Giver day is partnered with the SUU Alumni Fund. This fund works to strengthen SUU students and faculty by bettering our campus, technology opportunities, and sporting events.

For more information on TAG day click here.

Story By: Moriah Spainhower
Photos Courtesy Of Moriah Spainhower