Dancing for the Dead – Dias De Los Muertos Danza

Southern Utah University students danced to Reggae-ton and Latin music to celebrate Dias De Los Muertos Nov. 2 from 8 to 11 p.m. in the SUU Ballroom.

Students used the event as a way to represent and enjoy their identity and culture. Students from differing backgrounds attended the event.

“…It makes us feel like we’re part of the school too,” said SUU freshman Michelle Rodriguez. “Because some schools don’t even have Latin clubs or Latin dances. It’s nice for them to have this for us.”

Each person interviewed spoke about how it was nice to see other cultures or feel they were able to express parts of their identity.

“Events make everyone more united and everyone learns about new cultures, not just their own,” said SUU freshmen Josselyn Pichardo.

However, certain students felt that cultural club events such as this danza could be covered more effectively by SUU’s student government and student planning board.

“Scheduling is very hard for some clubs,” Pichardo continued. “We’re a cultural club so we usually get put down at the bottom and we usually don’t get the days we want. I think [SUU and SPB] should have it on their social media.”

SUU junior and illustration major Emma Clove agreed that cultural events should be advertised more.

“It would be awesome if you could hear it by word of mouth,” said Clove. “I think SUUSA and SPB should emphasize more club events. They’re a way to get people more involved with school and making friends.”

Overall, students enjoyed the event and had fun dancing to music that wasn’t normally showcased at other SUU events or dances.


Story and Photos by: Alex Greenwell