6 Ways to Make Quick Cash (You Won’t Believe Number 5!)

Strapped for cash? Need some money to donate to the orphans this season? Or maybe you don’t have such high aspirations, and you only need money to buy presents for your family. Us college folk are always poor. Student loan here, student loan there. I’m going to show you six quick ways to earn some extra cash this holiday season.

  1. How would you like to donate plasma, but not actually donate blood? Well! With Grifols in town, you can now do just that! You get paid for donating your plasma, and then they stick your red blood cells right back inside of you so you don’t get super woozy from the lack of blood. 
  2. Everyone has two kidneys, have you ever wanted to have one less? You can sell your kidney for mad profit; or, you could sell your kidney for madder profit on the black market. You won’t feel good on the insidebecause you’re missing a kidneybut your wallet will feel good, and the mobster who now has your kidney will feel good too. 
  3. Now, the reason you need quick cash is that you’ve been too busy paying off the loan sharks. Paying off loan sharks isn’t the hardest work, so this one might be a little too hard for you. If you’re already scared, then just skip to number 4. You ready? OK, this is an idea for the season: for winter. You guys who haven’t left yet, go to number 4 now. The idea is to shovel peoples’ walks. However, you can’t just go around asking people to pay you to shovel their walks once. You need to have a plan, a team, and you need to sell a contract for the winter. If you have them pay for a month of shoveling when it snows, you can maximize the work/money ratio. Be careful, and make sure you are ready to do this and do it right. 
  4. Sell your nice things to the pawn shop. You know that guitar you have in the corner you got to look cool and said, “I’m going to learn how to play it!” and you never did? Seriously, you are never going to learn how to play it. Sell it. Get rid of your old Xbox, get rid of your PlayStation; just dejunk, but make money at the same time. 
  5. Get a job. That’s it. If you get a job, you won’t have to worry about these kind of things. Especially if you budget your money and plan for the future of your spending, you won’t have to worry about money so much.. These kinds of habits a rich person makes. 
  6. Look around in your major for quick gigs. Many departments offer internships and other options to provide you with a little extra cash. Look around and ask for opportunities: you never know where you might be able to make a quick buck.

    Story byMathew House for SUU News