Bread and Soup Nite – Christmas Edition

The 13-year-old tradition of Bread and Soup Nite will continue in 2018 as the volunteers seek to expand and promote the HOPE Pantry.

“All of the food donations go to help the HOPE Pantry, which is a pantry on campus that provides students with access to canned food goods,” McKayla Heaton, a volunteer at the Community Engagement Center, said.

Bread and Soup Nite does not only provide a social event for SUU students to attend but food donations, which are mandatory upon entering, help to feed those at the university who face “food insecurity.” Food insecurity is not having enough money to buy yourself food.

Volunteers have created a survey for Bread and Soup Nite attendees to help the Community Engagement Center better understand the problems faced by SUU students in food insecurity.The survey asks about how often students have gone hungry while at school if they would use the HOPE Pantry and why.

Scott Adair, who is in charge of the HOPE Pantry at the Community Engagement Center, said, “The survey basically is going to help us know which direction to take to try to fight hunger on campus. So it is critical that students answer these surveys we put out because otherwise, we will have no idea how to address the needs of the students.”

To attract people to the event, the Community Engagement Center seeks talent to perform at the all-you-can-eat event. This month, Gretel Beal, Santa, Canyon View High School’s Madrigals and We Be Groovin’ performed.

Gretel Beal performed a plethora of songs on her guitar while stomping along to the songs on a hi-hat she had. After her performance, the audience successfully summoned Santa by singing along to “Here Comes Santa Claus,” and he went about spreading cheer.

Following Santa, Canyon View High School’s Madrigals, directed by Alex Byers (an SUU alumni), performed Christmas songs a cappella. SUU’s We Be Groovin’ dance program succeeded the madrigals, a “weekly after-school dance program at East Elementary School done by the Community Engagement Center”. They performed a jazz/hip-hop dance.

The menu featured Tomato Basil soup, Cheddar Broccoli Soup, and Vegetarian soup along with an array of breads, tortilla chips, and sweets. The night was mostly produced by volunteers, who served food or helped set-up and organize the event.

For more information on the HOPE Pantry, visit the Community Engagement Center in SUU’s Student Center.