Thoughts from the Dugout: Five Best NFL TD Celebrations So Far

Earlier this year, the NFL decided to relax their rules on touchdown celebrations, and it just might be one of the only things I will ever agree with Commissioner Roger Goodell on. In a letter to fans, Goodell said he wanted to allow players, “… more room to have fun after they make big plays.” While some certain types of celebrations will still be flagged, players are now allowed to have group celebrations, celebrate on the ground and use the football as a prop, and man have they taken advantage of it.

1. The Philadelphia Eagles went bowling

The Eagles really had fun with celebrations this season, pretending to play baseball and doing the electric slide. When wide receiver Alson Jeffery scored a TD, they executed a move they had clearly been practicing during the offseason, and practiced their bowling moves in the endzone:

2. Thanksgiving dinner with the Vikings

Like the Eagles, the Vikings have also been creative with their TD celebrations. They’ve played duck duck goose and leapfrog in the endzone, but their best has been sitting down for a Thanksgiving meal together, with the football serving as the turkey:

3. Patriots save a horse, ride a Gronkowski

While Rob Gronkowski typically settles for an aggressive ball spike after a score, sometimes scaring Tom Brady, Gronk and Brandin Cooks spontaneously decided to giddy-up after a fourth quarter touchdown:

After the game, Gronkowski said he and Cooks got in trouble for the move, and actually aren’t allowed to discuss celebrations per team rules. While Goodell might be letting loose a bit, Bill Belichick is keeping a tight rein.

4. Steelers played hide and seek

Probably the most wholesome celebration of the season came after Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster connected for a touchdown against the Bengals:

Smith-Schuster even thanked the NFL for allowing celebrations after the game:

5. Chiefs had a potato sack race

In a throwback to elementary field days everywhere, the Chiefs dramatically acted out a potato sack race in the end zone filled with face-plants and flailing:

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Haleigh Clemens

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