Available resources following Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Southern Utah University community is included in the need for awareness. Many Southern Utah University students and faculty have been or will be affected by a diagnosis of breast cancer. Because college students are entering the ages where people they know are old enough to begin being diagnosed with breast cancer, resources and events are held not only in the community at large but also at SUU. 

One community event to raise money for breast cancer patients was the Power in Pink 5K, held on Saturday, Oct. 21. The event was geared toward Iron County women battling breast cancer, and all donations were given to local women.

Power in Pink co-founder Robyn Brown emphasized the importance of their cause on the organization’s website

“We are so pleased that, for 11 years now, we have been able to raise funds from this event,” said Brown. “We find this an important time to recognize and cheer survivors and remember those who have lost their lives to this horrible disease.”

SUU has many resources for those who are struggling with breast cancer or similar issues. Although there is no cure for cancer yet, there are plenty of ways to get support for the emotional hardship associated with this disease. 

SUU Counseling and Psychological Services is one resource available to students. CAPS offers free counseling sessions with qualified staff eager to help ease the emotional toll. 

Another resource offered is the Wellness Room. Located in the Health and Wellness office, this room is available for many purposes. When feeling unwell, students can use the Wellness Room as a space to rest. Many students also use it as a quiet room to get work done or sit with their thoughts. To use the Wellness Room, stop by the Health and Wellness office and check the room’s availability.

When facing the struggles that come with a breast cancer diagnosis, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. So many people and on-campus resources are available to be a source of support during difficult times. 

For more information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation website

Author: Savanah Torgenson
Photo: Courtesy of Power In Pink
Editor: Nick Stein