SUU Homecoming parade brings community together

Homecoming week was filled with many activities which brought new and former students together, and Southern Utah University’s parade is one that is looked forward to each year. As one of the last events, held on Saturday, Sept. 23, the parade was a fitting opportunity for cheering on friends and celebrating what it means to be a T-Bird. 

“It’s fun having a team that you are on, to have those supportive friends,” stated senior Emily Morris of the SUU Ballroom Dance Company. 

The parade included different clubs, teams and organizations from the university and community. Showcasing what makes each group distinct is part of what makes every year’s parade different than the last. 

“I loved the parade; it was great,” said Morris. “We passed through the crowd, and we did our lindy hop combo. It was super fun.” 








Many groups, like the Ballroom Dance Company, Thunder 91 and the mathematics department, use the parade to spread excitement for their own upcoming activities. Along with being a gathering place for students to show off school spirit, the parade also promoted community involvement, with many alumni families coming to watch.

With music, candy and dancing, the parade signaled the end of the homecoming celebrations. While the events of homecoming are done for this year, there will be more activities for students to get involved. Find out about these and more at

Article by Anna Mower
Photo credit to Paige Fargo