SUU’s Food and Faith event unites religious communities

On Sept. 6, Southern Utah University students gathered by the Cedar City Institute building to participate in Food and Faith.

Students sit and eat BBQ

The annual SUU event invites students to learn of the various religions, worship centers and involvement opportunities in Cedar City. Some of the denominations participating included Catholic, Islamic, Episcopal and more. This event is especially helpful for incoming freshmen who have recently moved to Cedar City and are looking for a religious congregation.

Several tables were arranged around the block, each hosted by a different worship organization that provided games, snacks and fliers. Pulled pork sandwiches, chips and drinks were also provided. Local faith-based radio station Crossover FM played music and gave away gift cards.

Student spinning wheel for prize

Many people in the Cedar City community praise Food and Faith for its opportunity for different churches and worship groupsdespite having their own theologies and practicesto respectfully unite as a community and teach students about their beliefs.

“It’s inspiring because people come together to eat food and celebrate faith,” said SUU student Bryn Banks.

“Food and Faith is an amazing experience for everyone in the SUU community to come and associate with others who believe in a greater power out there than ourselves,” adds Bishop Robert Dotson, who serves for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. “Joining together at this event, we’re able to see how much people can achieve by coming together and just caring for each and loving each no matter what the denomination.”

Students get face paint at one of the stands

To learn more about the faith and worship services and communities available in Cedar City, visit the Cedar City website.


Story by: Andrea Rodgers
Photos by: Andrea Rodgers