Up and Away Hot Air Balloon and Music Festival Recap

Colorful, gigantic balloons filled the skies of Washington, Utah on Sept. 24-25 for the Up and Away Hot Air Balloon and Music Festival.

The two-day event hosted by the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce at Staheli Farm, 50 miles south of Cedar, held multiple events for attendees to partake in spanning across the yellowing fields of the farm.

The events included the Morning Balloon Launch, which had 14 different balloons, a Vendor Market, and there were two festival stages rotating local musical groups including The Severed Society, Apollo’s Army, Gary Huff and the Relics, Identity Crisis the Band, and ZioNoiZ.

Local companies, groups and organizations were a part of the festivities, such as St. George Magazine, Orange Theory Fitness and Bikers Against Child Abuse.

For many of these organizations, it is an important goal to be more involved with the community. 

“We still run into people all the time who don’t even know who we are or didn’t know we were here,” said BACA St.George Chapter President Twist. “There are kids everywhere. It doesn’t matter across socio-economic class, abuse occurs on all levels. It’s an important mission and we stand by what we do.”

BACA’s goal is to create a safer environment for abused children. They work with local and state officials already in place to protect children by offering physical and emotional support for those affiliated with the group.

The Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch and Farmland, which included an animal petting zoo as well as the available fields where the Vendor Market took place, were offered by the Staheli Farm. The farm seeks to educate all those who are interested in the modern agricultural field and build community involvement. It offers field trip reservations for any school interested.

Staheli Farm is preparing for its fall season to start on Oct. 1. Decorations and tents were scattered across the different sections of the farm, such as the main field setting up a haunted house during the festival.

Events for fall will include the Field of Screams, Witches Showcase, Spooky Trick-or-Treat Trail and Witches Night Out. More details about Staheli Farm can also be found on their website.

“I just think it’s a really cool way to get to know your community,” said Staheli staff member Brooklyn Bowler. “I feel like Staheli is a really big part of St. George. If you’re new, you need to come here.”

More information about the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce can be found on their website. 

Story and Photos by: Skyler Jones

Email: Outdoors@suunews.net