SUU’s Dr. Sangho Bok has received the NSF Career Award

Sangho Bok recently became the first Southern Utah University professor to receive the most distinguished career awards from the National Science Department.

The assistant professor of engineering’s research of expansion and application of a new class of biosensors gave him a lead in the selection process of the award. 

Because NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) awards are usually given to professors at research universities, it is not common for a professor from a university as small as SUU to receive such a high honor award. 

Dr. Bok’s project aims to benefit students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics with undergraduate research possibilities in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. 

The award will support his biomedical sensor project for five years. His project incorporates a study of the interaction between light and matter with biomedical applications. 

Dr. Bok also plans to involve SUU students with the research for the project and plans to generate undergraduate classes for more students to be directly involved with this project. The students will also receive hands-on experience that will help them whether they choose to go to graduate school and receive a higher degree or to start a career with an industry position. 

The NSF is a federal organization for scientific research. Their awards are given to early career scientists with important research projects. 

Story By: Lexi Jusino

Photo: Unknown