SUU’s Homecoming Parade Provides Unforgettable Memories

Southern Utah University invited the Cedar City community to watch the annual Homecoming Parade with them on Saturday, Sept. 25 in front of the new Hunter Alumni Center. 

This year’s parade had an exciting lineup of 45 organizations and prominent figures in the community including the Native American Student Association, Mayor Maile Wilson-Edwards, the Southern Utah Museum of Art, the Women in Leadership Club and many more. 

“It was a beautiful day for the Homecoming Parade,” said Wilson-Edwards. “I loved seeing everyone again.”

The event announcers showcased the organizations and figures in the parade by talking about each group’s values and accomplishments as candy was thrown to kids rushing out to the floats.

Several SUU clubs were represented at the parade. The International Student Ambassadors joined the parade to celebrate more than 700 international students at SUU from over 60 countries. SUU’s Student Association’s Executive Council was there to represent students on campus and to invite students to share how their college experiences can improve.

Some groups celebrated their anniversaries at the event, such as Animal Ambassadors celebrating a decade and the Delta Psi Omega Sorority celebrating 27 years.

“I really loved seeing the community come out and support our students,” said Lexi Jusino, who helped with the Alpha Phi Sorority float. “I would also love to thank SUU’s amazing alumni.” 

The parade ended as the Army ROTC program set off its final cannon that left onlookers speechless.

For more information about future SPB events, follow them on Instagram or visit the Calendar of Events on SUU’s homepage. 


Story and photos by: Elaine Lonborg