Three Steps for having a Successful Semester

Overloading semesters, working full time jobs or just trying to get along with your roommates can be difficult, and sometimes you may feel as if having a successful semester is impossible. 

What makes a “successful semester” is hard to define, as it could be different for everyone, but here are three basic steps students can take to put them in the right direction of both achieving good grades and having a good time.


Join a club 

Having fun in college can be a big task and seemingly impossible at times. It also doesn’t help if you struggle talking to new people. To help overcome this, consider joining a club! If you are shy, you don’t need to talk right off the bat; just show up and let them do their thing. Once you start getting comfortable with the other people, feel free to join in. 

Joining a club is a great way to make friends with the same interests as you, and lots of people in them are looking for friends as well. A full list of clubs and organizations can be found on T-Bird Connection, as well as contact information and meeting times. From app development to Dungeons & Dragons, there is a club for everyone.


Persevere in Classes

Passing classes can be one of the hardest parts of college. However, a bad grade, whether it be on one test or in an entire class, is not the end of college. It’s okay to make mistakes. 

None of us are perfect and Southern Utah University knows this. They have people and programs to help you succeed even after failure. Talk to your academic advisor if you are struggling, as they know the ins and outs of SUU and can help you get back on your feet. Most importantly, don’t give up when classes get hard, because it will get better. 


Communicate with Professors

The final boss of school is trying to manage life outside of it. If you are struggling because of something happening in your personal life, don’t be afraid to talk to professors about what’s going on. Your professors are human beings and they want to help you. You can get extensions on papers or the ability to take tests on a different day if you have something you can’t miss outside of school; just communicate.

Above all else, remember to take care of yourself and ask for help. This can be a great semester if you make it one!


Story by: Bradley Turner
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