Letter to the Editor: More Vegetarian and Vegan Options Needed On Campus

Dear Editor,

I would like SUU to diversify the food it offers for on-campus dining.

Like many students, I spend most of my day on campus, with my classes and work interspersed with short breaks. Though I live relatively close to school, going home, getting food there, and then coming back to campus would eat up the precious time I need to get homework done, or just to take a breather. I do try to make lunches ahead of time, but sometimes I just want something warmer and more filling than I have time to prepare. And so, like many students, I often turn to on-campus dining to grab food. However, as a vegetarian, there aren’t that many healthy options for me.

The Thunderbird Circle Dining Hall offers one vegetarian location, but that’s the only place I can go besides buying fries at Chick-fil-A, and eating the same things over and over gets tiring. I would appreciate a wider variety of food offered in general: Thai, Greek, Mexican, Chinese, more places to buy fruits and vegetables….there are so many possibilities the world has to offer.

I believe increasing the options would benefit everyone, not only vegetarian students. We currently have fried chicken, burgers, and pizza, but I believe a diversity of food options would help many students obtain nutritional and balanced meals on a weekly basis. In turn, this would improve their emotional and physical wellbeing, and assist them in their academic performance. I know I would feel a lot better knowing I had more options for food to fuel me through my day than just another salad.

SUU prides itself on being a diverse campus, I think we should spread that diversity to include dining options.

Submitted by: McKayla Olsen
Photo courtesy of: Unsplash.com