SUU Moves Student Recitals to Livestream

Southern Utah University held a student music recital over Zoom on Jan. 29. The virtual format and social distancing set-up on stage allowed both the audience and performers to meet COVID-19 safety recommendations while also enjoying the show.

Two pianos were set up on opposite sides of the stage and performers alternated which one they used for each performance. New chairs and stands were set up on an as-needed basis for new performers coming to the stage.

Pianists and other musicians who could perform without their mouths wore a mask during their performance and were stationed safely apart from one another.

Using an online format, the performance came through with only a few issues despite difficulties for many when using the system. There was a frozen stream that only lasted a moment, a quiet introduction that was hard to hear and a fallen backdrop screen caused by a chair’s movement. 

Performers and technicians running the show quickly corrected any issues such as these that arose. Overall, the stream was clear, and each piece and respective musician could be heard well.

The show featured performances of songs by composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven, and even with social distancing guidelines, multiple students were able to participate in the performance.

The SUU Department of Music will have more student recitals during the spring semester and a schedule can be found on their homepage on the SUU website. 

The next student recital is scheduled for Feb. 12 at noon via Zoom.


Story and Photo by: Skyler Jones