K-Pop Palooza

On Thursday, March 11, the International Affairs Office sponsored a K-pop and esports event in the Ballroom from 6-8 p.m. At this event there were multiple stands providing a large selection of games, food and music. 

Throughout the event T-Birds played Super Smash Bros and Call of Duty, participated in virtual reality games and sang karaoke.

In the esports section of the event, students played in small tournaments. When participants won a one-on-one Call of Duty game, they were rewarded with an SUU eSports tee shirt. This setup was for both controller or mouse and keyboard players. 

There was a variety of appetizers and drinks throughout the event. The most popular drink of the night was Red Bull, as the company also sponsored the event.

“It’s going great, you know there’s a lot of people in attendance, a lot of people singing, dancing on stage, and a lot of people at like the eSports stations playing the games,” said Jeff Mullins, a senior communications major.

As the event continued throughout the night, there were multiple students singing and dancing to K-pop music on stage. These performers made a strong impression on the crowd as multiple T-Birds began to cheer them on. 

The K-pop and esports event was one for the books. From karaoke going Super Smash Bros, T-Birds seemed to enjoy it as a whole. 

Story by Jonathan Valdez

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Valdez