Hitting the Slopes: Ski and Snowboard Club Highlight

When Drake Broussard, a senior aviation science major, first arrived at SUU in 2019, he saw it as an opportunity to pursue his passions by starting the Ski and Snowboard Club. 

“When I found out I was coming here, I was very excited because I knew Utah was a great place for skiing and snowboarding,” said Broussard, the current vice president of the club.

Originally from Louisiana, Broussard first discovered the joy of skiing and snowboarding seven years ago while at a military base in Germany. 

As he began his senior year here at SUU, Broussard got in contact with Tyler Colfack, who is now the president of the Ski and Snowboarding Club. While the club has had many iterations over the past few years, the two quickly worked together to build it up from scratch.

When asked about the goals and aspirations of the club, Broussard explained that they want to grow the roster past the few regular members they currently have and provide easier access to the hobby for newcomers.

“Some advice I would give newcomers would be, and I know it’s cliché, but just come out and give it a try,” said Broussard. “If you’ve ever slid down a hill after a good snow and really enjoyed it, then you would enjoy skiing and snowboarding.”

Meetings for the club are pretty informal, with most trips planned through social media posts and messaging. This provides a great opportunity for new students to get involved, as Broussard shared that the public postings are beneficial to the club’s growth.

“The biggest success was that people just like me, who had come from out of state and were new to the area, had messaged us to join,” Broussard explained. “I’m proud to be an outlet for those who aren’t familiar with the area to enjoy skiing and snowboarding together.”

By utilizing the rental facilities at SUU Outdoors, newcomers are able to get everything they need in preparation for a trip to Brian Head Resort or Eagle Point Resort. Both locations offer seasonal passes for around $200 for students.

In his advice to prospective members who haven’t skied or snowboarded before, Broussard emphasized one thing: don’t be intimidated.

“It’s not a club for super skilled people or anything like that, just a way to get people together who want to try out skiing and have some fun,” explained Broussard. “One good day on the mountain is a good way to measure if it’s something for you or not.”

For more information on the Ski and Snowboard Club, connect with them on T-Bird Connection at Ski/Snowboard Club at SUU, follow them on Instagram @suuskisnowboard and like them on Facebook at SUU Ski/Snowboard Club.

Story and Photos by: Jeff Mullins