Creating Together: Illustration Club

For those looking to get together with other artists and find inspiration, Southern Utah University’s Illustration Club is the perfect place to go. 

SUU juniors Chloe Tate (president) and Andrew Lee (co-president) run the club together, and both artists expressed their excitement for SUU students to join the club.

“Just come to the club, it’s a lot of fun. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I know a lot of artists are introverts, so this is a good way to get out and socialize. We will get to know you, I promise,” Tate said.

Although some people might be apprehensive about coming to the club because they aren’t “good artists,” Tate explained it’s laid back and he encourages people of all talent levels to come and participate, no matter how much experience they have.  

The club meets every Wednesday in EVT 207 at 7 p.m. for 1-2 hours. It is labeled as a professional art club, and the members use that title to help them get into art shows. 

In the past, the club has attended CTN Animation Expo in California to gain experience and interact with other artists. They are currently planning to go to the LightBox Expo to connect with creators behind films, animations and games.

The members don’t just get together and draw. Tate explained that they also have art professors come in and talk to club members or run exercises. Other activities have included breakfast for dinner, a high fashion competition, character competitions and board game nights. 

“It’s just good to be around other people that are incentivized to [create]. It’s nice to just get a group together and have fun,” said Lee.  

Tate sends out weekly reminders of when the club meets, and she encourages any student thinking about joining the club to come to one of the meetings and sign up. 

The club is currently collecting submissions for their Tiny Art Show, which will be held April 3 at 6 p.m. in EVT 209. To submit, create a miniature work of art and email the piece here before March 13. 

For more information on the club, follow their Instagram page @illustratorsofsuu or email with questions. 


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photos by: Illustration Club