SUU Predicts the 2020 Oscars

On Sunday Feb. 9, the filmmakers, lovers of film and spectators of pop culture will join together to celebrate the best work in the film industry of 2019. The 92nd Academy Awards will include awarding films in categories such as best writing, musical score and directing. 

Of course, the most anticipated Oscar amongst film fanatics is Best Picture. This year features nine nominees: “Ford v. Ferrari,” “The Irishman,” “Jojo Rabbit,” “Joker,” “Little Women,” “Marriage Story,” “1917,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “Parasite.” 

Each film tells a unique story of humanity and the complexity that lies within. Whether it’s through a cinematically beautiful World War I drama or a commentary of social class in Korea, the films of 2019 speak to people who want to listen.

But with so many triumphs to choose from, which film will win the pinnacle of the Oscars? 

According to a poll conducted among 35 Southern Utah University students, a surprising 43% expected that Todd Phillips’ “Joker” will take the crown. “Joker” holds the title for most nominations, totalling 11, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. 

However, most students said they would like to see “Ford v. Ferrari” win, despite assuming that another nominee will actually take it. 

According to Kevin Stein, a professor of communication at SUU and well renowned film buff, “1917” is the safest choice for a winner. However, Stein would love to see “Parasite” become the first foreign film to take the prize. 

“I’m a huge fan of this director [of Parasite]. He’s just a craftsman when it comes to bending genres. It demonstrates that the film directors working overseas now are just as good as anybody that we have here in America. That wasn’t always the case. So because of that, I think now is the time for a foreign film to win Best Picture,” Stein said. 

To some, the Oscar for Best Picture might seem like nothing more than an award. However, the chosen winner has consistently been under controversy. Before the academy could fully recover from the disaster that was awarding “Green Book” in 2019, this year was coated in disagreement over the lack of female directed nominees.

Although the 92nd Academy Awards might be one night, they represent a world’s history of the art that has been made and what is yet to come. For many, the film industry isn’t just entertainment – it’s the storytelling of people, places and invaluable moments. 

Which of these nine films turned hearts in 2019? Which inspired and influenced real people living real lives? Which was the best movie of an entire year of filmmaking?

To find out, watch the 92nd Academy Awards on Feb. 9 at 6p.m. MST. For more information about nominees or details of the event, visit the Oscars’ website.


Story by: Amanda Walton
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