Friendships Form Over Making Bracelets

Students gathered in Southern Utah University’s Living Room on Tuesday, Jan. 28 to make friendship bracelets and meet new people.

These bracelets served as a constant reminder of the unique bond that friends can have. Students came from across campus to put their design skills to work and make gifts for their friends.

Attendees worked at many tables that offered ample supplies for their arts and crafts, while also eating free cookies from the check-in table. Because everyone was working close to each other, this activity became an excellent opportunity for students to meet new people around their table, as music helped to set the friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

According to Niko Chapman, an assistant event director for the Student Programming Board, this seemed like the perfect way to meet the community’s interest in relaxing events that bring people together.

“We thought that making bracelets would be a really fun, chill event,” said Chapman. “They’re called friendship bracelets after all, so people can get out, make a new friend and make a new bracelet.” 

Seeing every seat filled for most of the event was proof enough that students were excited for the opportunity. 

Katie Seegrist, a freshman communication major, explained what social activities like this mean for incoming students.

“I think events like this are really important. A lot of students move out here and don’t really know anyone, so getting out and meeting new people is so important to the college experience,” Seegrist said.

Events hosted by SPB occur every Tuesday and Friday during the school year.  Follow them on Instagram @suu_spb or download the SUU app to find out more about future activities, such as the upcoming Bob Ross Paint Night on Feb. 4.


Story by: Jeff Mullins
Photo courtesy of Jeff Mullins