The Best Shows to Watch for Thanksgiving Fanatics

What’s better than a (gravy)boat load of food and family? Absolutely nothing. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated purely to thinking about the good things in life–and eating carbs. So many carbs. Needless to say, it deserves a great amount of celebration. And the best holidays must be accompanied with the best holiday themed movies.

Halloween has an entire franchise literally titled “Halloween.” Christmas has Hallmark movies, which are so painfully wonderful, people start watching them months in advance. But what does Thanksgiving have? Nothing. Nada. 

Or so you thought!

Listed below are some of the best Thanksgiving inspired movies and T.V. shows sure to boost your turkey day spirit. 

Okay, I lied. There’s really only one Thanksgiving movie worth mentioning, and that’s “Thankskilling.” I won’t lie, I haven’t actually seen this, but the trailers make it seem like the best worst movie ever. The story centers around a group of college students terrorized by a killer turkey. If you’re feeling like this Thanksgiving could use a bit of crude, gory humor, “Thankskilling” should be a first choice.

“The One with all the Thanksgivings” (“Friends” Season 5, Episode 8)
“Friends” was one of the first T.V. shows to start the tradition of Thanksgiving episodes, which makes it a go-to during November. This episode is full of flashbacks, with each character fighting for the title of having the worst past Thanksgiving. There’s French Revolution Phoebe, ‘80s Chandler, and Joey’s head stuck inside of a raw turkey. What else could you want?

“Turkey in a Can” (“Bob’s Burgers” Season 4, Episode 5)
If there’s one thing Bob Belcher loves most in the world, it’s Thanksgiving. As a professional chef, Bob is convinced that this year’s turkey will be the best yet. Unfortunately, there’s a saboteur at hand, dumping the turkey in the toilet each night leading up to the holiday. Can Bob crack the case? And will he fall in love with the gay butcher? You’ll have to watch to find out!

“Thanksgiving III” (“New Girl” Season 3, Episode 10)
It’s Thanksgiving in the loft and Nick is having a masculinity crisis. To feel more manly, he decides the group should go camping this year, with each man competing to be the best at hunting. Ah, toxic masculinity. Besides the fact that the guys make total fools of themselves, this episode also teaches the importance of eating animals that haven’t been dead for weeks. Eat responsibly this Thanksgiving!

“The One with the Rumor” (“Friends” Season 8, Episode 9)
Imagine this: the original cast plus early 2000s Brad Pitt at Thanksgiving dinner. What? Can you even believe that? Well, it’s very real and very entertaining. The gang invite Will, an old high school friend, who absolutely hates Rachel. There’s awkward tension and Joey’s Thanksgiving pants–the only things needed for a successful Thanksgiving, if you ask me. 

While Thanksgiving might not have an entire genre of film dedicated to it, there’s a wide range of content to choose from this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for something gory or funny, this list has you covered. 


Story by: Amanda Walton
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