SUUSA Senate Meeting 11/19

On Nov. 19 during the weekly senate meeting at 11:30 a.m., the Southern Utah University Student Association announced that a new version of their constitution has passed through the President’s Cabinet, but must now be approved by the student body. 

For the first time in years, SUUSA has made official changes to their constitution. These are general changes regarding the different responsibilities of SUUSA representatives, and they will be announced once the constitution is officially approved.

As for other announcements, both Disability and International Education Week are underway with many events for students to attend. For International Education Week, there is a carnival in the Ballroom on Nov. 21 from 6-8 p.m. Earlier that same day, the movie “Serve Like a Girl” will be viewed in the Theatre at 2 p.m. for Disability Week. 

The Finance Committee gave several clubs funding of $200, though they did not say which clubs received the money. 

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion plans to create a multi-cultural club. 

Regarding all clubs, plans are in place for a Spring Clubs Fair that will take place in the mall of the Student Center on Jan. 13 and 14. 

SUUSA is encouraging all students to be present at basketball games to support. 

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee is partnering with local police officers and firefighters to help children who will not get a Christmas. On Dec. 7, 150 athletes will use donations made through athletic events to buy gifts for these children. More information regarding this will be given once it is available. 

SUUSA is also working on getting public transportation for students who feel limited in seeking a job or internship opportunities due to their inability to get to certain locations. 

“There is a lot of need in the community for transportation to different opportunities,” said Kelly Dennis, Non-traditional Representative of SUUSA. “A lot of our students are interested in being involved in the community, so we are trying to work with our community partners to help them be the students they want to be instead of the students they have to be.”

This concern was brought to Dennis through the SUU Voice boxes that are stationed around campus, and the problem is being addressed. This is an ongoing issue and will be addressed in upcoming meetings.

Regarding upcoming events, there will be a Miss Native SUU Pageant on Nov. 22, but details regarding time and place were not given. 

The senate meetings are open to the public and accessible on the SUUSA Facebook page.

Story by: Kylee Shaffer 

Photo courtesy of: Kylee Shaffer