Trunk or Treat: SPB Shows Early Halloween Pride

Southern Utah University students had the chance to relive their childhood Halloween traditions with “Trunk or Treat” hosted by the SUU Student Programming Board on Friday Oct. 4. Nestled between the PE and Institute buildings, cars popped their trunks open for students to go car to car for candy. 

Popcorn, hot chocolate and music were provided, as well as additional sources of enjoyment.

From cobwebs and masks to lights and themed music, everyone in attendance was in the Halloween spirit. Students were encouraged to dress in Halloween costumes and enjoy the candy collecting with an added flare. Multiple clubs were in attendance with decorated trunks for students to gather from. 

Andrew Acosta, a sophomore student in attendance, recalled some of the decorations at the event, which he described as his favorite part about the night. He represented NASA, the Native American Student Association, with a Nightmare Before Christmas themed trunk.

“One car had the popcorn, and red carpet, and they used a hotspot to show a movie as you walk on the red carpet,” Acosta described. “People were really dedicated to decorating their cars and I thought that was super cool. A lot of people went all out. There was a car with a whole fondue fountain.”

SPB hosts many other campus events every week, and are especially adamant about showing off their Halloween pride. For more information about events follow @suu_spb on Instagram and watch the SUU calendar.


Story by: Tomas D’Anella
Photo courtesy of Tomas D’Anella