It’s That Time of Year: Study Tips!

That time of year is fast approaching. The weather is getting chilly, people are spending more time indoors, stress levels are rising and hot cups of coffee are being consumed like they’re the cure for the common cold.

It’s almost time for finals! But don’t worry: we’ve got your back!

Here are the top ten study tips for finals.

  1.     Get enough sleep! It might be tempting to pull an all-nighter and study, but in the long run, this is bad for your brain and health.
  2.    Attend a study group. As the saying goes: two heads are better than one.
  3.     Do not put off studying! That new Netflix series will still be there after finals, so study now and binge later.
  4.    Take breaks in between study sessions. Staring at a page or screen for extended periods of time is not the same as studying the content. If your mind starts wandering, take a short break.
  5.     Keep the study space clear of distractions and organized. The last thing you want is your two-day old coffee spilling all over your final review.
  6.     Talk with your professors. It’s kind of part of their job to help. If you don’t understand a topic, then ask them to clarify.
  7.    Stay away from your social media. Your Grade Point Average does not depend on how many likes that picture of your puppy got on Instagram.
  8.     Get all of your study materials together before you start to get to work. You can’t study if you’re busy running back to your room to get flashcards every five minutes.
  9.    Space out the times you’re studying. Your brain can’t handle being stuffed with a semester’s amount of information all at once.

And finally …

  1. GO TO CLASS! You will be tested on the information you’re learning in class, so in theory, if you go to class you’re learning the information.


Just remember guys, we’re almost there! Don’t give up yet!

Story by
Carlee Jo Blumenthal