Important Dates to Remember for the Rest of the Semester

Fall break is now a couple of weeks behind us, but there are more breaks and other important dates to know about as November begins.

This month has a couple of key dates to remember. The 14th is the last day to withdraw from a class with a W. So keep that in mind as the fall semester nears the end.

Thanksgiving break starts on the 22nd and continues through the 26th. Unlike other breaks that the college takes, campus will be closed.

For business majors or anyone interested, the deadline for the Goldman Sachs Application will be on the Nov. 10.

The end of the semester is much closer than you may think. December 8 is the official end of the semester and final exams start on the 12th. The 11th, which is a Monday, will be a study day as well as the last day to fully withdraw.

Grades for professors will be due on the 20th, so if you are anxious about how your finals went, grades will be finalized then.

There are a couple of important dates for students who live in Cedar City or are planning to stay during the break between the Fall and Spring semesters. The campus will be closed for Christmas the 25th and 26th. January 3 will be the Spring drop for non-payment date.

Keep these dates in mind as the semester starts to wind down. Finals is always much closer than we think.

Story by
William Robertson for SUU News