15 things every college student can relate to

1. Dressing to impress for the entire first week of school then officially making the slump to sweats and flip flops once that second Monday morning hits you.

2. Forgetting all basic knowledge about yourself when your professor tells everyone to introduce themselves on the first day.

3. Realizing that every joke you’ve ever heard about faking your own death to escape student loans might have actually had a good point.

4. The feeling that when you have free time, you are actually just forgetting like 30 assignments for 12 different classes.

5. Realizing that those tests you said you would study for came up way faster than you thought they would.

6. Discovering that you have the superpower to find a comfortable place to take a nap anywhere on campus.

7. Finally settling down for the night…at four in the morning.

8. The words “FREE FOOD” can get you out to just about any event.

9. Being grilled by extended family members on what you plan to do with your major after you graduate.

10. There’s still that guy in class that you’ll have to work with on a project and he won’t do any work.

11. Doing everything in your power to not have to sell your firstborn son and your soul to pay for textbooks.

12. Looking at every television show and movie where the lead gets an amazing job straight out of college and rolling your eyes.

13. You love seeing your family over the holidays, but you might love eating their food just a  little bit more.

14. Everyone you know is “addicted” to caffeine in some way or another.

15. No matter where you are or what smart device you’re using, the wifi will be problematic when you have something to submit.

Story by
Carlee Jo Blumenthal