Club Highlight: ROTC, for fun or contract

For the members of Army ROTC, it’s not just something you go to once every week. It’s a lifestyle and a family.

The unique part about the half club half class is that it is something that anyone can be a part of, even if you are not actively pursuing the military. But whether you join for fun, for your future or both, you are a part of their family.

Joining is as simple as signing up for the class through the registration web page.

“Personally, I go not only to learn how to work with others, but for the fellowship and support that plays a major role in the class/club,” SUU student and ROTC member Chris Quigley said. “ROTC is an army program that is designed to train and educate students for not only the army, but for everyday life as well.”

The class involves working out three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with two lecture periods and a lab. For the labs, various activities include first aid and how to attack an enemy.

“Once a semester we take everything we learn and do a FTX (field training exercise)” Chris said. “We camp for a night and do everything that we previously learned.”

On Oct. 7 the club will be holding its annual 5K run which starts at 7:30 a.m. at the parking lot on the northwest corner of W University Blvd. The run itself is a fundraiser for ROTC cadets and the program so that they are able to continue to train Army officers.

The price to attend is $20 for SUU students with an ID, $25 for non-students or $20 for a group of five or more. Those paying in a group need all members to be present when paying in the ROTC office.

Anyone interested in joining ROTC is able to sign up for the class or stop by the ROTC office, located in the basement of the Engineering building.

Story by
William Robertson