Nick’s Knowledge Nook: Where to nap on campus

Getting enough sleep is indisputably one of the biggest challenges of college life. I personally find that, between juggling school assignments, building up my finances and pursuing extracurricular activities, finding time to rest is a task that tends to get neglected. My solution for this issue is to find gaps in my schedule where I can take a short power nap. Even a 15-minute rest can save me from intense physical and mental exhaustion. For students that spend the majority of their day at school, I’ve compiled some “genius” and “garbage” places on Southern Utah University’s campus to take a nap. 

Genius: The Living Room

The Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room is definitely one of the most relaxing spots on campus. This area boasts comfortable armchairs, couches and even a few hammocks. When I’m trying to catch a few Zs, the living room is one of my go-to places. The huge television screens on the wall also provide some background entertainment to aid relaxation. 

Garbage: The library parking lot

I would not recommend the library parking lot for a napping session. Not only is it inherently dangerous to sleep in an area with moving vehicles, but the hustle and bustle of the lot is bound to keep you wide awake. The library parking lot is particularly garbage because it is one of the busiest lots on campus, both for motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 

Genius: Upper Quad lawn

Nowhere on campus are the soothing qualities of nature more apparent than Upper Quad. The grassy field adjacent to Old Main is my favorite area to make up for some lost sleep. Even if you’re not tired enough to fall asleep, the practice of mindfulness is a great way to become mentally refreshed. Napping outdoors is one of my favorite activities because I get to feel the warmth of the sun and breathe in the fresh air. 

Garbage: Your professor’s desk

While this one is certainly dependent on which professor the desk belongs to, I don’t think it’s a leap to say that most SUU faculty would not appreciate an unwanted guest on their workspace. Sleeping on a professor’s desk will hinder their ability to grade papers, post assignments on Canvas and check their inbox. Not only is this a highly inconvenient place to nap, it is also fairly uncomfortable physically. Most desks are made out of wood, metal or a similarly solid material. I would not recommend a professor’s desk as a good spot for a nap. 

Genius: Next to Gunther the Rock

Some people find it hard to sleep in public areas. I sometimes get self-conscious when I’m trying to take a nap and there are people walking around me. Luckily, Gunther the Rock is constantly napping on the Library Quad. You can curl up next to this friendly boulder, safe in the knowledge that you have a buddy to nap with. 

Garbage: Elevators

Oftentimes when I’m about to doze off, I experience a falling sensation that I don’t particularly enjoy. I have to assume that I’m not alone in my distaste for this type of vertigo. Sleeping in an elevator ensures that not only will you feel like you’re falling, but there will be people around to watch as you endure this hellish sleeping experience. Another sleeping experience I dislike is waking up and not immediately knowing where I am. If I were to take a nap in an elevator, I could fall asleep thinking I am on the first floor, and then wake up at a completely different elevation. Elevators are a garbage place to take a nap. 


There you have it: the definitive guide to napping on campus. I hope this knowledge aids you in your pursuit of academic excellence, or at least in your pursuit of a much-needed snooze. Sleep tight!

Author: Nick Stein
Photos: Kale Nelson and Nick Stein