Trail review: Cascade Falls

Located about 45 minutes from Southern Utah University, Cascade Falls is a short and sweet trail located up Cedar Canyon in Dixie National Forest. With its round trip being about a mile, the trail is moderately difficult, as some parts of the trail are rough and have been washed out.

The parking lot at the trailhead is located on a windy cliff that overlooks a lush valley. After a quick stop at the vault-style restrooms, hikers begin their journey by meandering through a short section of shaded trail that leads to an overlook. From this point, the plateaus of Zion National Park are visible in the distance, giving visitors an often unseen perspective of the park.

The trail continues out of the woods to an open stretch of dirt and rock. There are some wooden steps and retaining walls installed along the path, but many of them are in disrepair and could pose a tripping hazard to an unsuspecting hiker. 

SUU Outdoors employee and senior student Dane stands on a rock near the cave of the falls. Don’t try this at home!

About halfway along the trail, there’s a section of the cliff adjacent to the path where the rock has been undercut. A bench has been installed here for visitors to rest for a minute and enjoy the view. Once snacks have been eaten and electrolyte drinks sipped, hikers can make the final push to the falls.

At the end of the trail lies a wooden platform and railing from which visitors can view the outlet of the falls. The cave that the stream flows from is the product of many sinkholes in the water-soluble rocks of the Claron Formation, per the Utah Geological Survey.

Although the drive from Cedar City to the trailhead takes longer than the hike itself, the unique views and geology of the hike make the trip well worth it. 

Author: Jacob Horne
Photographer: Chloe Copeland
Editor: Lily Brunson