Introducing Sok Hop Live: 2dollar2sday reimagined

When local music concert series 2dollar2sday announced via social media that their Oct. 24 show would be their last, fans were concerned and disappointed. Three days later, it was revealed in a subsequent post that 2dollar2sday wasn’t going anywhere at all but was simply rebranding to “Sok Hop Live.” 

“Sok Hop is a term for dance parties held for the coolest cats in the 1950’s and 60’s,” the announcement post read. “We’re creating a place where our community can come enjoy music together.”

One of the biggest changes noted in this post was that Sok Hop Live will be raising the price of admission from $2 to $5. Although this may feel like a drastic change for some, the performances are still one of the most affordable local sources of live music. 

“Sok Hop is pretty much the cheapest nightlife you can get in southern Utah, but it is anything [but] a cheap experience,” stated Wave Young, cofounder of the formerly known 2dollar2sday. 

“[It] is here to give SUU students fun weekly gigs at a student budget and, of course, provide artists the invaluable opportunity to perform in front of a live and energetic audience,” added cofounder Carvel Ray.

Because of the price increase, major changes to the venue are in the works, starting with improved sound quality and overall atmosphere. 

“Everything that students put in with those few extra dollars is going straight back into their experience,” explained local musician and regular Sok Hop Live performer and cofounder Grace Parke. “Realistically, these [improvements] will be rolling out slowly over the next few months.”

Sok Hop Live also hopes to implement more events throughout the week in addition to their popular Tuesday shows. This change in programming will provide more options for Southern Utah University students looking to engage with the larger Cedar City community.

“We envision Sok Hop becoming the new Kilby Court,” said Young. “We hope to get to the point where we have a sellout experience every night with fan-favorite bands every week.”

For information about upcoming Sok Hop Live events, follow their Instagram,, or subscribe to their automated phone number by texting “Tuesday” to +1 (833) 371-1372. 

Author: Gentry Wolf
Photos: Gabe Small
Editor: Nick Stein