SUU News to host party celebrating latest edition of University Journal

To commemorate the launch of volume VII, issue I of the University Journal, SUU News will host a party on Monday, Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. All students are invited to attend in costume, meet the team behind Southern Utah University’s most prestigious news organization and enjoy the free candy being handed out by SUU News’ staff.

The party, which, according to multiple SUU News employees, will be “most excellent,” will take place in the brand-new newsroom, located in Room 209 of the America First Event Center. 

For students wanting to read the new edition earlier, the magazine will have a limited initial release on Friday, Oct. 27, at Battle of the Bands: Thunderground prior to its full release the following Monday. This edition of the journal explores the hidden gems throughout campus, of which students might not otherwise be aware.

“I’m particularly excited about this issue because it is a theme that I am very passionate about,” said Kale Nelson, SUU News editor-in-chief. “This gives us an opportunity to highlight and feature people on campus who normally wouldn’t be talked about and who might be overlooked and underappreciated.”

Students can also acquire a free copy of the new edition after Monday’s party by visiting any of the UJ stands around campus. 

Stories to look forward to in volume VII, issue I:

Singing with the symphony — Student Anne Turner has earned several recognitions for her achievements as a vocalist. This November, she will solo with the Utah Symphony.

What’s green at SUU? — The plant sanctuaries and sustainable practices that keep SUU’s campus growing.

Into the Thunderground — See how Thunder 91 is bringing local musicians into the limelight.

Keeping affairs in order — SUU’s vice president of student affairs, Jared Tippets, focuses his efforts on enhancing the T-Bird experience.

SUU Facilities Management — This is how Facilities Management maintains its devotion to student experience on campus.

SUU’s secret sport — Lacrosse has had quite the journey to finding its place at SUU.

The Eyre of the tiger — The challenges and accomplishments of administrative assistant Angela Eyre.

It takes T-Birds to Tango… — How Chandler changed the ballroom company from a performance group to a family.

SUU Animal Ambassadors Club — Students learn how to properly treat and care for reptiles and amphibians, and they bring them to various events to educate other students and the public.

Behind the curtains — How SUU students helped run the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

Living the literary life — Poet Nano Taggart has spent five years supporting SUU’s literary magazine with his own experience.

Author: Jacob Horne
Photographer: SUU News Photographer
Editor: Nick Stein