New LEAP leaders debut at moonlight hike

SUU Outdoors’ newest Local Events, Activities and Programming leaders began their employment at SUU Outdoors on Tuesday, Oct. 24, by leading eight students on a moonlight hike up Red Hollow Trail for Take a Hike Tuesday. The latest additions to the Outdoors center’s dedicated LEAP team, Lizzie Brown and Ellary, are excited about their new positions and look forward to ensuring students’ time at SUU is as fulfilling as possible.

Bringing up the rear of a hiking group might not seem like the most glamorous of roles, but it’s one that Brown served dutifully to ensure no hikers fell behind. This essential position allowed her to stop and admire some local wildlife as well as get to know the students near her in the formation.

“I love connecting with SUU students. I’ve worked in a lot of different student leadership roles on campus, and a lot of those roles were like, ‘Oh, this student has to talk to me,’” said Brown, who hopes to lead youth recreation activities in the future. “LEAP is a great way for me to do that in a natural environment; this is an opportunity to get to know students in an environment they actually want to be in.”

Brown acknowledges that many students believe that the cost and experience requirements of outdoor recreation are prohibitive but says that LEAP aims to change that. Take a Hike Tuesday is just one of many free, weekly LEAP events that provides students of all skill levels with positive outdoor experiences.

“Outdoor spaces are for a variety of individuals, and outdoor recreation doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s a lot of different opportunities for everyone on the outdoor recreation spectrum, so don’t be afraid,” said Brown. “Also, being outdoors brings happiness, so unless you really hate bugs and sunshine, just try something new and start recreating.”


Author: Jacob Horne
Photographer: Jacob Horne
Editor: Lily Brunson