SUU is thrilled to announce this year’s Scream theme

Southern Utah University’s Student Programming Board announced on Oct. 14 that the theme of this year’s Scream will be “1980s Thriller Night.” Spend a night of thrills and chills on Oct. 28 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

The Scream is an annual Halloween event thrown by SPB for SUU students and community alike. It’s one of the biggest events SUU holds and is continuously expanding to accommodate its growing reputation.

The main attraction of the night is a lively dance, which will be filled with totally tubular music and decorations. This year, the Scream will have four different escape rooms, laser tag, a photo experience room and so much more.

“Our student population is growing, and we want to grow with it,” said SPB Event Director Elise Garner. One of the bigger changes made this year regards the theme itself. “This year, we also changed it so that the students got to vote on three different themes. We wanted them to play a part in it.”

A poll took place on the @suustudentlife’s Instagram at the beginning of the semester where students selected which theme they wanted to see. “1980s Thriller Night” won by a landslide. 

“‘80s Thriller, involving the spooky aspect of it but still getting those bright colors,” Garner described. “We wanted something that provides students with a lot of creative liberties as far as costumes go.”

Garner mentioned that they announced the theme earlier than ever this year and recommended students take this time to plan their costumes. She suggests students dressing to the theme because it aids in uniting the student body. Being able to see someone, and recognizing the approach they took in choosing their costumes, can establish friendships. That is just one of the benefits the scream has.

“It provides a unique opportunity right after midterms to be able to let loose and celebrate together,” Garner explained. “I think sometimes after you’re a kid, [Halloween] loses the fun, and so we’re trying to bring that back and provide a safe space for students to have fun.” 

This year’s Scream will be filled with surprises, making it unlike anything SUU has done before. Keep an eye out for updates regarding the event on the @suustudentlife Instagram.

Article by: Heather Turner
Photographer: UJ Photographer
Editor: Audrey Gee