Second Studio presents “SUU Live: I’m the Bad Guy (Duh)”

Second Studio, Southern Utah University’s student-run theatre company, will be holding their first SUU Live variety show of the 2023-24 academic year on Saturday, Oct. 14, at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium Black Box. This month’s show is a Halloween-inspired display titled “I’m the Bad Guy (Duh)” that will feature acts from both SUU Live mainstays and new faces.

SUU Live is aimed not only at SUU TDAA students but also people outside of the department. It has historically been described as a place for people to get experience performing and is expanding to include more people.

“SUU Live is a great place for people to stretch their creative muscles,” said Second Studio Showcase Director Abbie Cochrane. “My goal this year as director is to make it a melting pot of majors and focuses and people who love to create.”

Cochrane and showcase manager Spencer Smith work together to execute each SUU Live event. Signups typically go out the Friday prior, allowing people to prepare acts before act previews the Monday before the show. After that, Cochrane prepares the show based on the acts, and Smith preps the tech elements to ensure that the show runs smoothly.

Cochrane and Smith encourage people to participate in SUU Live, even if they don’t have a polished act. Their top priority is creating a safe space for performers at any and all levels.

“It’s super fun to come and see a bunch of people make fools of themselves and show off their talents,” said Emily Morris, a frequent SUU Live participant. “You can meet people and even if you’re not in theatre, you can participate in it as well.”

One of Cochrane and Smith’s main goals for SUU Live this year is to make it more inclusive and accessible to the SUU community. Part of this includes changing the language associated with the event, therefore nixing the idea of an “audition” being required to participate.

“SUU Live is for everyone to get a chance to perform, theatre major or not, with no auditions necessary,” said Smith. “We changed it to ‘act previews’ to remove that connotation, opening SUU Live up to create a welcoming environment for all of the performing arts to showcase and show off.”

“SUU Live: I’m the Bad Guy (Duh)” entry costs $3 per person, and all profits go toward supporting Second Studio’s future endeavors. For more information on Second Studio and SUU Live, follow Second Studio on Instagram.

Author: Tessa Cheshire
Photos courtesy of Second Studio