Leavitt Center talks voting rights at weekly Politics and Pizza

This week’s Pizza and Politics, held on Wednesday, Sept. 20, focused on voting rights in the United States. The Leavitt Center was decorated with streamers and balloons in patriotic colors, and free pizza was offered to all students in attendance.

Leavitt Center members Lauren Basset and Kerri Jensen gave a presentation titled “Voting Rights,” where they discussed the history of voting in the U.S. from the days of verbal voting and restricted citizen participation all the way to digital ballot-casting and increased civil rights. They then discussed the current state of voting, including current issues up for debate and how many citizens tend to participate.

Typical to all the Pizza and Politics events, the presenters took time at several points in their informational presentation to ask questions of the attendees. They encouraged people to share their views on current issues and to compare and contrast their ideas with those of others.

A few questions pertained to which Americans should be allowed to vote, while others asked the audience to consider how voting in the U.S. operates.

The SUU Michael O. Leavitt Center, also known as the Political Center, is a nonpartisan student-run political center. “We are the only student-run political center in the state of Utah, which means all of our team members get really unique and cool opportunities that help them gain experience, skills and boost their resume,” said Katie Warner, the Leavitt Center’s internship coordinator.

Pizza and Politics, open for all students to participate in, takes place every Wednesday at noon in the Leavitt Center. Mass shootings will be the topic for the next event on Sept. 27. Further information on the Leavitt Center and their events can be found at: 

Story by: Emily Walters
Photos courtesy of: Jocelyn Wiscombe