Bristlecone Hall offers new opportunities for students

Southern Utah University’s newest addition to campus, Bristlecone Hall, located on the southwest corner of campus, provides space for many programs from art to mathematics, adding additional classrooms, labs and offices in order to provide students with the tools needed for studies. 

“It’s a more vibrant feeling to walk around this part of campus,” said Department of History, Sociology and Anthropology Chair David Lunt about the building. “All in all, it’s a really nice space for teaching and learning.” 

With technology integrated into the classrooms, the building design is made to easily incorporate multimedia into lessons, providing students with opportunities to grow.

Besides providing room for new teaching opportunities, Bristlecone Hall also allows students to showcase artwork in display cases. The building holds the space for most of the art programs on campus, while also leaving room for drawing and painting classes. 

The new building adds a resource room where graphic design students have access to printers and paper cutters to produce work on-site.

“It makes a huge difference for our program to have spaces to teach in that have lots of light, beautiful views and are really inspiring,” said Jeffrey Hanson, chair of the filmmaking, art and design department. “Students love the windows and love the new computers.”

The addition of labs in the building makes it easier for students to work together on projects, before or during class, without the worry of being able to find a group study spot on campus. Even better, with the building project being under budget, Bristlecone Hall leaves room for more campus growth in the future. 


Story by Anna Mower

Photos courtesy of Chloe Copeland