Students show out for 2023 bouldering competition

Over 50 members of the Southern Utah University community gathered at the SUU Outdoors climbing wall on March 25 to put their skills to the test in the Spring Cling Bouldering Competition.

Participants registered according to their comfort level, sorted into sections of beginning, intermediate and advanced climbers. They were provided with swag bags and lunches for joining, but everyone’s eyes were on the competition’s prizes.

Winners, in randomized order, chose from the selection of rewards that included chalk bags, gift cards, rope and mats. The highest-scoring SUU students also locked in an opportunity to travel to Weber State University on April 1 for the state championship.

There were also several prizes, including shirts and hats, raffled off by SUU Outdoors Assistant Director Derek Bryan. 

SUU Outdoors Coordinator Baylee Howe worked with Bryan to watch over and manage the event. The turnout excited her, with 12 more people in attendance than the previous year’s climb.

“We had a well-rounded group with lots of people in each category. It was a good mix of the general public and students, which was cool to see,” Howe said. “I feel like it gives them time to get to know each other so they can climb for something outside of just school stuff.”


Story and photos by: Kale Nelson