SUU dance student showcases her work with “Divine”

Southern Utah University student Addison Cox will present her performance “Divine” on January 28 in the Hunter Conference Center’s Great Hall at 7:15 p.m.

Due to the immersive nature of the event, the doors will close at 7:30 p.m. to not interfere with the flow of performance. There is also limited seating, so those who want to see the performance should arrive early in order to secure a spot. Tickets will only be available to purchase at the door and are not free to students. 

Cox, as well as the dancers she collaborated with over the course of the process, have focused on topics of self-worth, community, love and support. They hope everyone who is present will be able to feel that as well.

“The title ‘Divine’ stems from the idea of the divine feminine,” Cox explained. “I didn’t want to simply connect that feeling to the heteronormative feminine or masculine energy but instead create a space for everyone to feel that energy and quality.”

The performance, while being a collaborative effort, is an expansion of other works Cox completed during her time at SUU. “Off Record” and “Off Record 2,” her original pieces, were an intimate gesture that strived to bring the viewer into the world of someone struggling with confidence and self-image. 

Beth Gill, a dancer whom Cox studied while at SUU, also inspired the style of movement, bringing in ideas like the manipulation of time. 

“The show will be an accumulation of multiple different creative mediums to build an immersive dance experience,” Cox said. 

A talk back will also take place after the performance, where audience members will be able to hear about the process and the final work from the dancers themselves. Through this conversation, a better connection can be formed, providing greater depth and understanding to the performance. 

“I’ve loved every second of this process and am beyond excited to share it with you,” Cox said. 

More information on “Divine” and future performances can be found on Instagram @suudo_tdaa

Story by: Audrey Gee
Photo courtesy of Asher Swan and SUU TDAA