Oh snap! HSS College hosts gingerbread decorating with student representatives

On Thursday, Dec. 8, Southern Utah University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences hosted a cookie decorating party that encouraged students to get to know their representatives.

Each college at SUU has a student senator that works in student government, known as the SUU Student Association, to advocate for needs specific to their college and departments. For the HSS College, that student is sophomore Emily Waite.

“My favorite part of being a senator is working with the different departments and representatives,” Waite said. “As much as I could try to take on the largest college on campus by myself, it’s much more fun and rewarding working with a great team.”

As a senator, Waite had the opportunity to appoint a selection of her peers to sit on an advisory board and represent the majors within the HSS college. At the cookie decorating event, each student representative colored a gingerbread person to encourage students to learn more about them.


About the HSS Student Advisory Board

Levi Blad
Levi Blad is a freshman studying political science and communication. He loves to spend his free time watching movies and reading. He is also a part of the Student Athletic Board in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. Blad loves SUU and is so happy to be representing students studying political science and criminal justice.

Carson Brown
Carson Brown is the representative for languages & philosophy. He is majoring in philosophy with a minor in Spanish. His involvement expands all around campus with his participation in SUUSA, Philosophy Club and the Leavitt Center for Politics. He hopes to bring a unique perspective while representing both philosophy and language students. His favorite dessert is anything with chocolate.

Adriana Carranza
Adriana Carranza is the current psychology representative and is a senior majoring in family life and human development. She currently works at the non-traditional student office on campus. She is a mom to a cute toddler and longs for a world where the laundry folds itself.

Faith Christensen
Faith Christensen is the representative for history, sociology and anthropology majors. She is a junior studying anthropology with a minor in ethnic studies and sociology. The number one thing she loves about her major is being able to hear people’s stories and learn about who they are. 

Aspen English
Aspen English is the communication representative for the HSS Student Advisory Board. She’s a communication and English major (and yes, she did that on purpose). She also is the editor in chief for SUU News and the University Journal, SUU’s student media organizations. Her hobbies include skiing, rock climbing and cozying up with a good book.

Maggie Green
Maggie Green is the English department representative. She is majoring in English literature with minors in Shakespeare studies and theatre arts. Green is also the vice president of the Sigma Tau Delta, an English honor society here on campus. She loves to crochet and make cute cardigans and blankets. Her favorite color is green, (pun intended!) and one of her favorite books is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Zoe Southers
Zoe Southers is the student representative for the interdisciplinary studies major. Her disciplines are history and social sciences, and she’s also minoring in both art history and museum studies. She’s a senior and is looking forward to graduating in the spring of 2023. In her free time, Southers likes to draw, paint, hike and read. 

Emily Waite
Emily Waite is the humanities and social science senator. She’s majoring in anthropology with a minor in criminal justice. Her goal is to become a forensic anthropologist, someone who uses archaeology to solve crimes. When she’s not studying or working, she loves to snowboard, go on drives, spend all her money at Soda Nerd and watch New Girl.

Students are encouraged to email suusa_hss_senator@suu.edu with any questions or concerns.

Story and photos by: Aspen English