SUU’s Latinx Student Alliance puts together Hispanic heritage informational showcase

Audiences of all ages gathered in the Southern Utah University Student Center at 11 a.m. on Oct. 26 to learn about Latin American culture. The event, which was put on by the Latinx Student Alliance and sponsored by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, took place in the Living Room.

The Latinx Student Alliance’s goal was to celebrate and educate about Hispanic Heritage Month. 

“I’m hoping people get a more solid understanding of Latin America and Latinx people,” Caleb Lameman, the president of the Native American Student Association, shared. “What this event does really well is highlights each and every country, and it has some of the Indigenous cultures, as well.”

The room was filled with educational displays about countries from all across Latin America. They shared information about flags, food, languages and other cultural aspects. Latinx music played in the background to set the tone and draw attention from passing students. The event also featured performances from the LSA dance team to help showcase more of their traditions and culture.

“It holds great importance coming from someone who is of Hispanic heritage. I think it’s a great opportunity for not only me but others to learn more about either their heritage or other people’s heritage,” said LSA member Tasia Dillard.

This showcase was the last of four Hispanic Heritage events held by the LSA this month.

Story by: Anden Garfield
Photos by: Anden Garfield