Thin Line Comedy entertains T-Birds with improv antics

Southern Utah University’s Thin Line Comedy performed in front of a crowd for the first time this school year on Oct. 13 in the Sterling Church Auditorium.

The group used improv games to create comedic scenarios that had the audience laughing throughout the night. Some of these included the “mumbling murder mystery” scenario, where the comedians struggled to communicate without using words, and the “greatest hits” portion, where two of the group members had to create bizarre songs on the spot. 

“It was my first performance, my first club at college and my first time doing improv on purpose,” Terry Musser, one of the comedians, said. “The energy was absolutely addicting, and it went by so quickly. Every time I go home, my cheeks hurt from laughing.”

All of the segments were interactive, with the comics allowing the viewers to choose the topics of the jokes. One bit even allowed the audience to jokingly question a select “expert panel” from the crew.

“Each person is quite a character on their own,” audience member Adyson Dorough said. “I want to come to more because I want to see more of them and what each person can bring to the table.”

Thin Line also plans to do stand-up and sketch comedy in upcoming performances, providing the team with experiences in different forms of entertainment.

“I am very proud of everyone and how well our first performance of the school year went. We have so many talented people in our group, and I’m excited to see where we go,” Zina Johnstun, co-president of Thin Line Comedy, said. “I really want our shows to be a safe space for people to escape the struggles of life with us.”

Story by: Kale Nelson
Photo by: Kale Nelson