SUU celebrates student diversity at World Expo Showcase

On Oct. 13, Southern Utah University’s International Student Ambassadors (ISA) program held a World Expo Showcase in the Student Center’s Living Room.

The expo featured decorated tables spread around, each highlighting a different world region: Eastern Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central/South America and Europe. The SUU Study Abroad program also had their own table.

At each table, students were invited to participate in a variety of activities.

The Study Abroad booth handed out fliers about different study abroad opportunities available through SUU. They also answered questions from students interested in traveling to other countries around the world.

The Eastern Asia stand taught attendees how to make origami.

At the Middle East table, people could get their names written out in Arabic. They could also get a henna tattoo.

Students handmade beaded bracelets at the Africa booth. 

The Central/South America stand gave out popular Hispanic snacks. They also invited attendees to play a matching game using country flags. 

Those visiting the Europe table played a game of mini bocce ball, an Italian street game, and picked out stickers designed after country flags.

Students were offered refreshments of fruit tarts, sandwiches and drinks. They were also treated to pop music from around the world.

Halfway through the event, SUU’s Ballroom Dance Company performed two dance numbers in different styles: the samba, which originated in Africa, and the cha-cha, which came from Central/South America.

This, like the many intercultural-themed events held at SUU, is a highlight of the worldwide family that is the school’s student body.

“I think these events are awesome because it allows the school to realize how diverse our student body is,” said ISA member Sebastian Mortenson. “We just get to celebrate different cultures and enjoy different snacks from around the world.”

Article by: Andrea Rodgers
Photos by: Devan Call and Andrea Rodgers