Utah-based Association for a Cleaner Tomorrow sponsors local giveaways

Utah-based wildlife conservation group, the Association for a Cleaner Tomorrow, is dedicated to cleaning up public lands. Largely made up of members of the community, the nonprofit sponsors monthly giveaways to members of the community who help their cause on their social media pages.

When asked about the origins of ACT, founder and SUU alumnus James Martinez said, “I’ve loved going outdoors my entire life. [I’ve] been into hiking, kayaking, offroading and anything outdoors,” said ACT founder James Martinez. “When you are outside, you want to enjoy nature and not see trash lying all over the ground. It takes away from the experience.”

SUU encourages students to take part in ACT’s worthy cause. According to Martinez, SUU students play a big role in contributing to the foundation. 

“Obviously, there are lots of students who like to enjoy the outdoors. You are surrounded by beautiful public lands.” said Martinez. “When students are enjoying it they can help protect it.”

To enter ACT’s monthly getaways, you just need to pull out your camera and take a selfie while taking care of beautiful Southern Utah and post them to ACT’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Entries are one per grocery bag, 5 per standard trash bag and 10 per large construction or leaf bags. The bags do not have to be entirely full, but an effort to pick up as much as possible is appreciated. Participants that do not win will remain entered for future giveaways.

“Thousands of people like to go out and enjoy the public lands,” explained Martinez. “It is the responsibility of the people who enjoy them to protect them.” 


Story by: Brooklyn Rushton
Photo courtesy of John Cameron on Unsplash