Utah state flag semi-finalists displayed on SUU campus

The 20 semi-finalists for the next Utah state flag are currently posted in the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts.  

The More Than A Flag program has been guiding the search for a flag replacement. After narrowing down the designs, they finally opened up the 20 remaining flags for public viewing and commentary. 

Mountains, arches and beehives are among the emblems used on the variety of flags, each of which has been carefully designed to symbolize Utah. The deciding of a flag provides the people of Cedar City an opportunity to have an impact on the future of Utah and gives students a chance to become politically active on campus.

Elizabeth Weight, a representative for the More Than a Flag task force, expressed her joy over the large amount of support the organization has received in terms of design submissions.

“I get teary-eyed when I think of all these people helping design the flag,” Weight said. “The new flag will be one that people can point to and say, ‘I was part of the evolution of that flag.’”

Cedar City is one of the few places in Utah that get to physically host the flags rather than just opening online feedback. Donna Law, the executive director of development and government relations at SUU, was thrilled with the decision to display the flags on campus.

“It’s exciting that Cedar City and the SUU campus was selected as an ideal location to come and see these final flag ideas actually flying,” Law said.

The flags will remain on display until Oct. 5. Viewers are able to view or give feedback on the flag designs on the official website. The More Than A Flag representatives urge people to endorse the designs based on what they think would be right for Utah rather than based on their personal preference.

Article by: Kale Nelson
Photo by: Luke McKenzie