SUUSA passes resolution encouraging students to seek mental health support

On March 28, the Southern Utah University Student Association passed a resolution that encourages students to use Trula, a multi-faceted personal coaching service. The service is paid for by Southern Utah University and provides students with personalized coaching dedicated to mental, emotional and social wellbeing. 

The Trula Foundation was officially formed on October 9, 2019 and has since offered peer-to-peer coaching from students, faculty and staff that are hired throughout the state of Utah. The foundation trains their employees on how to be wellness coaches for others. 

The foundation partnered with the Utah System of Higher Education in order to provide services to all students that attend a university in Utah. 

“We are excited about this opportunity with Trula because this is an upstream resource to connect students with happiness and well being,” Vice President of Academics Mitch Zufelt said.

SUUSA Resolution 005 recognizes that SUU students face challenges regarding their mental health and wellness during their college career. SUUSA hopes that students will take advantage of the free service and seek out help for these challenges.  

“Wellbeing has been such a huge focus and we realize not all students want the support of Counseling and Psychological Services,” Zufelt said. “Trula is a great alternative.”

SUUSA strongly recommends that students utilize the resources provided by Trula. Students can connect to a coach by registering on

“This foundation is something that SUUSA is really familiar with as some of our members use their services,” Zufelt concluded. ”We want students to use it as well.”

To learn more about Trula and its services, visit the foundation’s website.  

Article by: Danielle Meuret

Photo Courtesy of: Dan Meyers on Unsplash